Regional areas cannot thrive without efficient transport connections. Rural areas have suffered from poor passenger and goods transport services for a long time. Solutions that are suitable for towns and cities do not work in sparsely populated areas.

Until now, it has not been possible to introduce new models. The reforms of transport legislation and technological advances make it possible to recreate a functioning transport system in rural areas.

ALL ABOARD in cooperation with the Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), the Kyyti Group and Coreorient want to help rural areas to rethink mobility in a new way. Transport services paid for by society are a good basis for passenger transport. Public operators are obliged to organise, e.g. the following transport services: Transport services organised on the basis of the Disability Services Act and the Social Welfare Act, so-called Kela transport in accordance with the Health Insurance Act, and school transport. Other forms of passenger transport must also be connected to these same transport services. Social ride-sharing can be organised together, and vehicles that are already in use in the rural areas can be used for transporting, e.g. parcels.

We need a change in the way we are thinking about transport. It is not necessary to own a car even in sparsely populated areas if we can organise transport in a new way. The climate will be grateful for more effective use of vehicles that are already travelling in an area. The vitality of rural areas will grow along with the development of logistics. Local residents will applaud the cost-effective organisation of all transport services.

There are plenty of transport service providers in rural areas. The objective of the ALL ABOARD joint venture is to increase the number of transport trips driven by these entrepreneurs. The profitability of current taxi service providers will improve and business opportunities will open to new transport entrepreneurs.

Communality is an important part of rural areas. Thanks to communality, smart ride-sharing can soon be a part of everyday life. Will Finland again blaze the trail in smart solutions?

Change does not take place by itself. We hope that a wide range of rural operators will become involved in the ALL ABOARD campaign. Local authorities must rethink the transport services they purchase. Residents must also open their car doors to their neighbours. Entrepreneurs must be encouraged to introduce new methods.

This website explains the new solutions, provides municipalities with guidelines for public procurement, helps transport businesses to get started, and provides mobility services to all passengers.



The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) is a trade organisation and interest group representing farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs.

All of the occupations and businesses of our members are based on renewable natural resources and their utilisation in a sustainable and economical way. A key influencer and provider of solutions in the social debate. In its recently published climate programme, MTK set as a target to transform rural logistics – goods and passenger transportation in rural areas must be promoted with new models of sharing economy. MTK represents entrepreneurs and residents in rural areas throughout Finland. In its advocacy work over the past few years, MTK has paved the way for new transport services by influencing the liberalisation of transport services and, for example, deregulation concerning tractors.


Kyyti Group is a start-up enterprise for smart Finnish transport. The Kyyti Group is developing a technology platform and application that integrates all mobility modes and makes them available to customers in an easy way. What sets the Kyyti application apart is its automated service of bringing all modes of transport together, creating a service that lies between traditional public transport and taxi services. Kyyti’s technology serves major transport operators, the authorities responsible for transport services, and companies offering various mobility services. The Kyyti Group is involved in a project funded by Sitra, aiming to create public transport services outside major population centres. This solution is exported on a wide scale. The Kyyti Group is involved in several current trials for transforming rural mobility services.


Coreorient is a start-up company developing sustainable digital solutions. Coreorient develops technology platforms and applications for services in carpooling and sharing economy based on neighbourly help, local bartering, transport and distribution, and brokering of casual jobs. Coreorient is also involved in the EU’s MoTiV project developing an application to measure the mobility habits and travel experiences of consumers.

Would you like to join us as partner?

All Aboard wants to carry on extensive cooperation to transform rural mobility. If you or your organisation have ideas for transforming transport services in rural areas, please get in touch:

Marko Mäki-Hakola, Director of Business Development
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